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Vintage photo of a flapper.Sexy time!
We always knew the people of Charleston were really, really, ridiculously good-looking. Now there’s list based entirely on subjective opinions that proves it.

According to the Travel & Leisure Magazine's America’s Favorite Cities 2010 list, Charlestonians are the most attractive people in the country. (It probably didn’t hurt that residents voted themselves No. 1, as well.)

The Favorite Cities list ranks 35 U.S. cities on their culture, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, among other criteria.

Charleston was tops in four other categories: B&Bs/Inns, Noteworthy Neighborhoods, Antique Stores and Stylish Boutique Hotels. The Holy City didn’t fare so well in Business Hotels (26), Wild weekend (21) and Ethnic food (21).

The cretins in Memphis were on the opposite end of the looks scale, yanking the title of least-attractive from the craggy-faced masses of Philadelphia.

Charlestonians were also ranked friendliest, one spot ahead of those nerds in Savannah. IN YOUR FACE!

People in the News  
Rob Seay Rob Seay has been hired as the academic adviser to students at The Art Institute of Charleston. Previously, Seay was the associate dean of students at Brevard College in North Carolina.

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