Zubie offers car fleet monitoring product for businesses

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Published April 21, 2014

Zubie Inc., a connected-car service provider, recently launched a monitoring product for small to midsized businesses with fleet cars.

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Sullivan’s Island-based Zubie offers a connected-car service through its Zubie Key, a small device that plugs into a car and tracks driving habits. The device connects to the cloud via built-in cellular data connection. Users can see real-time driving data on the Zubie app, as well as the location of people they are connected with on the app.

“The newly launched fleet monitoring solution will enable businesses to leverage that technology in ways that meet the unique needs of companies that operate a small number of vehicles and drivers,” according to a news release.

Zubie Business uses its AlwaysSmart device that enables users to monitor their fleets on both iPad and Android tablets. The devices monitor engine diagnostics, vehicle maintenance, fuel cost calculations, location and driver habits.

“The owners and leaders of these companies are deeply invested in the safety of their drivers and minimizing operational costs, but they are put off by the costs and installation complexities of traditional fleet solutions. Zubie presents a much more compelling option,” said Zubie CEO Tim Kelly, noting that Zubie can be installed in seconds.

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