BoomTown creates scholarship for Iron Yard student

Staff Report
Published April 17, 2014

BoomTown and the Iron Yard Academy recently partnered with STEM Premier to connect potential tech talent with industry.

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The partnership looks to create a model that brings technical talent to the local technology firms. It bridges the gap between technology companies searching for job candidates and students seeking jobs, according to a news release.

“We know that there are three things that are true in STEM: first, there are a huge number of job openings. Second, those jobs pay well, and third, there are not enough qualified people to fill them,” STEM Premier President Donald Tylinksi said in a statement.

Charleston-based STEM Premier created an online platform that connects students focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics to industry and higher education. Students can create a digital portfolio application and apply for scholarships, internships and jobs.

For those applying to The Iron Yard Academy, BoomTown, a Charleston-based software company for real estate professionals, formed a $1,500 scholarship for one future Iron Yard student. Tuition at the three-month intensive coding school costs around $10,000.

The Greenville-based development school recently opened in Mount Pleasant. Applicants will need to apply through STEM Premier for the scholarship.

“Supporting innovation[1] [2] at the intersection of education and technology is crucial to the future of Charleston’s tech community and to BoomTown’s mission,” BoomTown President and CEO Grier Allen said in a statement.

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