McConnell offered $300K for CofC top job

By Ashley Barker 
Published April 11, 2014

The College of Charleston Foundation agreed this morning to add $112,000 to incoming President Glenn McConnell’s salary in addition to the $188,000 the state already agreed to pay.



The $300,000 offer is nearly $80,000 less than the salary of current College of Charleston President George Benson.

Greg Padgett, chairman of the college’s board of trustees, wrote a letter to Sharon Kingman, chairwoman of the foundation, on April 3. The letter asked the foundation to support an annual salary supplement of $112,000 to be paid to the president beginning July 1.

After nearly two hours of deliberation this morning, the foundation board agreed to support the board of trustees’ request. The decision was not unanimous.

“The board of trustees appreciates the support of the College of Charleston Foundation in responding to the board of trustees’ request and making available the funds that will allow the board to continue contract negotiations with Glenn McConnell,” Padgett said in statement. “I look forward to successfully concluding the contract negotiations in the near future.”

Benson receives $179,000 from the state and $200,000 from the foundation each year. As lieutenant governor, McConnell earns a $46,565 annual salary.

A CofC student group formed an online petition to ask the foundation to only supplement McConnell’s state salary with $1 per year. So far, more than 1,000 people have signed the petition.

The negotiations are ongoing, and McConnell did not return messages seeking comment this afternoon.

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