Study: Clemson University created 350 jobs in the Lowcountry

By Ashley Barker
Published Feb. 20, 2014

A new study found Clemson University generated nearly $2 billion for the S.C. economy last year.

In the Lowcountry, Clemson’s economic output was $29.3 million, according to a study performed at the Regional Economics Analysis Laboratory at Clemson’s Strom Thurmond Institute. The university generated 361 jobs, $15.6 million in disposable income and $2.1 million for governments in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties, the study said.

Across the state, Clemson accounted for nearly 25,000 jobs and made an $81.8 million net impact on S.C. government revenue. Its net return to local governments totaled $128.2 million, the study found.

“Clemson is a net funder of state and local government, generating millions of dollars more in economic output than it receives in annual appropriations,” Rob Carey, director the laboratory that conducted the study, said in a statement.

He said the study did not include the impact of nearly 60,000 Clemson alumni who live in the state.

“This was a conservative economic impact study,” Carey said. “It is limited to those economic factors that can be attributed directly to university activities.”

Clemson athletics generated more than 3,000 jobs, which resulted in $204.7 million in total economic output, $101.7 million in disposable income and $16.9 million in net state revenue, the study found.

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