Study: S.C. Sea Grant Consortium makes $8.9 million economic impact

Staff Report
Published Jan. 16, 2014

The Charleston-based S.C. Sea Grant Consortium generated $8.9 million in economic impact in South Carolina in 2012, a study found.

The $8.9 million — the value of the goods and services associated directly or indirectly with the consortium’s activities — corresponds to nearly $2.8 million in income for South Carolinians. For North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, the economic impact is $11.5 million, the study found.

The University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business completed the consortium-funded study. The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium is a state agency that aims to conserve the state’s coastal and marine resources.

“The results of this study illustrate that the research, education and outreach programming the consortium undertakes is of significant value to South Carolina’s economic, environmental and social well-being,” Consortium Executive Director Rick DeVoe said in a statement.

The study focused on four factors over one year: total non-state external funding acquired; two volunteer-driven litter cleanups; the development of an independently run regional ocean observing organization startup; and workforce training programs targeting the marine fisheries and aquaculture industries.

“There is no doubt that South Carolina’s coastal region is one of its most valuable assets, which the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium helps to maintain,” said Joseph Von Nessen, research economist in the Moore School of Business and the study’s principal author.

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