Blackbaud: Mobile crucial to nonprofits

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Published Jan. 15, 2014

Daniel Island-based Blackbaud expects mobile, analytics, the cloud and focused software to play key roles in helping nonprofits engage with supporters in 2014, according to a recent trends report.

“In 2014, technology will continue to have an even greater impact on nonprofits,” Blackbaud’s Product Development Vice President Mary Beth Westmoreland said in a statement. “Tremendous opportunities exist for these organizations to use technology to deliver on their missions in a very effective and scalable way, both when engaging with supporters and when managing back-end operations.”

Social media and mobile will become more integrated into nonprofits’ efforts to market to both current and potential supporters. With nearly half of all emails now read on mobile devices, Blackbaud said having a mobile-friendly approach to engaging donors is crucial.

Data gathered from online and social media interaction can provide greater insight for nonprofit organizations about who to market to and how, according to Blackbaud’s report.

“This ever-increasing amount of data means nonprofits must shift from collecting to analyzing,” the report said. “Nonprofits will use this data to understand what communication channels are most effective, how to better fundraise (who to ask for how much), how to effectively facilitate events or peer-to-peer fundraise, how to increase recurring giving.”

Blackbaud also anticipates more nonprofits using the cloud to accompany donors’ increasing use of mobile devices. The cloud decreases nonprofits’ need to maintain applications and data in-house.

“Technology continues to change our world in very dramatic ways,” Westmoreland said. “The organizations that understand and embrace these changes will be best positioned to succeed for the foreseeable future.”

Blackbaud provides software and services for nonprofits. Its stock is traded on the Nasdaq under symbol BLKB.

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