Health Care Heroes 2013 – Physician – Dr. McLean Sheperd

Dr. McLean Sheperd (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Finalist

Employer: Sheperd Integrative Dermatology

A patient with psoriatic arthritis visited Dr. McLean Sheperd after his diagnosis. The patient had started a small recruiting business, didn’t have insurance and needed treatment to be able to type, a must in his line of work.

The patient learned that the ideal treatment would cost $2,000 a month and immediately knew it was unaffordable. He asked for other treatment options.

Instead of moving on to the next patient, Sheperd insisted on the ideal treatment and asked for his patience while she worked to find a solution.

Through many phone calls and emails, Sheperd and her staff persuaded the pharmaceutical company that makes the treatment to donate the medication, which provided treatment for the recruiter.


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