Health Care Heroes 2013 – First Responder – Steven Gaston and Marissa White

Steven Gaston and Marissa White (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Finalists

Employer: American Heritage Ambulance

Steven Gaston and Marissa White had nearly finished their shift at about 5 p.m. when an urgent call came across their radio.

Summerville Medical Center needed a crew to transport a heart attack patient to Trident Medical Center. Gaston and White arrived at 5:03, prepared the patient for transport and took off down Ladson Road in rush hour traffic, driving the 6 miles to Trident Medical Center in 10 minutes. While on the road, Gaston and White were responsible for monitoring the patient’s heart activity, giving the patient oxygen and monitoring vital signs.

Once there, doctors gave the patient a stent, and the family later learned the patient’s artery blockage had been 100%. Thanks to Gaston and White’s quick response and transport, the patient’s heart wasn’t damaged.


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