Health Care Heroes 2013 – First Responder – Robert Dunlap

Robert Dunlap (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Finalist

Employer: Charleston County EMS

Robert Dunlap had finished his cardio workout on the elliptical machine when he noticed something behind him: A man had collapsed while exercising. Dunlap went straight to the man’s side, as did a firefighter from St. Johns Fire Department who was nearby.

Dunlap and the firefighter saw the patient wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse. They started CPR and told the staff to get the automated external defibrillator while others in the gym called 911. Dunlap, a shift supervisor for Charleston County EMS, used the defibrillator and gave the man one shock.

The victim’s pulse returned after the treatment at the scene, and first responders arrived to find the patient breathing and regaining consciousness. When more medics arrived, the man was alert and able to talk as they took him to the Medical University of South Carolina.


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