Health Care Heroes 2013 – First Responder – Daniel Cobiella

Daniel Cobiella (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Health Care Hero

Employer: Charleston County EMS

In June, a drunken driver drove through a two-car wreck, hitting Daniel Cobiella and four bystanders.

Cobiella had been treating a patient who was injured in the two-car wreck before being hit by the drunken driver. He disregarded his own injury and immediately began treating the others who were wounded.

Once the other patients had been transported, a supervisor noticed that Cobiella was injured and had him taken to a hospital for treatment. After the incident, Cobiella told a local television station that he heard something, turned his head and saw a vehicle speeding about 40 miles per hour toward them.

The car knocked him to the ground, and once he got up, he heard screaming. He helped treat the other wounded until he was taken to the hospital to be treated for his wounds.

Days later, Cobiella returned to work.


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