Health Care Heroes 2013 – Volunteer – Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Health Care Hero

Employer: MUSC Children’s Hospital

In 2007, doctors diagnosed Rachel Edwards with bone cancer, and by her 15th birthday, she had four to six weeks to live. That birthday was supposed to be her last, and she planned a huge party to celebrate the birthdays she wouldn’t reach.

Now 17, Edwards has seen her cancer recur three times, spent 150 nights in the hospital, endured nine chemotherapy treatments and just finished her 11th surgery. Today, she’s in remission.

While undergoing her treatment, Rachel began volunteering as a fundraiser for children’s medical treatment at the Medical University of South Carolina. Now, she rarely misses a Children’s Hospital fundraiser. Edwards has also visited Washington to talk to lawmakers about the importance of funding pediatric research. Through her efforts, Reps. Trey Gowdy, Mick Mulvaney, Joe Wilson, Tom Rice and Jeff Duncan co-sponsored a pediatric research bill that made it to President Barack Obama’s desk.


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