Health Care Heroes 2013 – Health Care Researcher – Dr. Jacobo Mintzer

Dr. Jacobo Mintzer (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Health Care Hero

Employer: Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Millions of Americans have a degenerative brain condition, and Dr. Jacobo Mintzer wants to help them.

Mintzer is chairman of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, and he leads the Roper St. Francis Clinical Biotechnology Research Institute, which studies a variety of treatments and gives patients access to new drugs and medical technologies.

Mintzer manages a team of clinical research physicians, research administrators, nurses, study coordinators and research compliance coordinators in his role.

Patients participate in the institute’s research at no cost to them, and Mintzer believes research is the only way to provide relief and hope for ailments that have no cure or ineffective treatments.


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