Health Care Heroes 2013 – Trident Construction Health Care Engineer – Ed Shafer

Ed Shafer (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Finalist

Employer: Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Ed Shafer has worked for Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital for more than 30 years and is one of only a few biomedical technicians in the region to hold all three certifications: general biomed, radiology and lab instrumentation.

Shafer works on problems after hours, helping to ensure that equipment needed for patient care is available and properly working. When the hospital system has lost technicians, Shafer has stepped up to fill in during the absences until the jobs are filled.

He has helped the hospital save costs by fixing equipment and replacing parts himself instead of calling outside technicians. In 2012, Shafer won BioMed Tech of The Year for Roper St. Francis Healthcare.


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