Health Care Heroes 2013 – Trident Construction Health Care Engineer – Robert Tritt

Robert Tritt (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Health Care Hero

Employer: Medical University of South Carolina

Robert Tritt works as a biomedical technician in the neonatal and pediatrics departments in the Medical University of South Carolina, where he is responsible for all of the biomedical equipment needed by the hospital’s youngest patients.

Tritt is always available to answer pages and often comes to the hospital in his off time to ensure equipment is working properly. He also knows nurses and staff by name, and proactively reaches out to them to check on any issues that might have come up during their shifts.

In March, Tritt volunteered to travel to Tanzania, where MUSC was donating a decommissioned neonatal bedside monitoring system. Tritt packed the equipment over several weekends and accompanied it to Africa to teach health workers how to install, use and service the monitors. The equipment had to be carefully packed and took several months to get through customs.


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