Health Care Heroes 2013 – Nurse – Mary Jo Gunselman

Mary Jo Gunselman (Photo/Gibson Pitts)Finalist

Employer: Coastal Pediatrics

Mary Jo Gunselman sees countless patients as a nurse practitioner at Coastal Pediatrics, but one patient stands out as an example of Gunselman’s knowledgeable and compassionate care.

Gunselman began treating a teenager with debilitating anxiety, and Gunselman’s care as a nurse practitioner helped the teenager get through her treatment. The teen had been assigned to a doctor at Coastal Pediatrics, but she only trusted Gunselman, who was there for the intensive visits and care. The patient’s parents have experienced several hospitals across the country, including the Mayo Clinic, Barnes-Jewish Hospital at Washington University and the Medical University of South Carolina.

They said Gunselman’s humility and extraordinary care rise above their other experiences.


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