Health Care Heroes 2013 – Nurse – Nitsa Calas Andrews

Nitsa Calas Andrews (Photo/Gibson Pitts)


Employer: Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Nitsa Calas Andrews has worked as a registered nurse in critical care for more than 30 years, garnering the respect of the doctors, managers and medical staff at Roper St. Francis.

Andrews pitches in whenever someone needs a hand, and is never too busy to help. In her unit, she serves as the charge nurse and clinical coach.

Andrews also volunteers, cooking and serving lunch at Crisis Ministries every few weeks and organizing meals for the homeless on Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

Andrews has been a counselor for a summer camp for children with muscular dystrophy, and she hosts a monthly dinner at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, which houses adult patients and their families as they go through cancer treatment.


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