InfiLaw to manage Charleston School of Law

The Charleston School of Law Library is located at 81 Mary St. in Charleston. (Photo by Ross Day via Flickr,
The Charleston School of Law Library is located at 81 Mary St. in Charleston. (Photo by Ross Day via Flickr)

By Liz Segrist
Published July 25, 2013

The Charleston School of Law announced Thursday plans to engage in a management services agreement with InfiLaw System.

The InfiLaw System is a consortium of independent law schools, including the Charlotte School of Law, the Florida Coastal School of Law and the Phoenix School of Law.

No other details were given about either the agreement or the reasons for it. Requests for comment from InfiLaw were not returned.
“First and foremost, current students and those who will matriculate next month will have a law school experience that we could have only dreamed of and wished for when we were in law school,” said Charleston School of Law Dean Andy Abrams in a statement.

“Our students will continue to find the school to be a community of friendly, approachable educators who care about the legal education they receive. But this new alliance will broaden our scope and make many more resources available to our 600 students,” he said.

Students will have access to the coursework of the other law schools within the alliance, according to the college. InfiLaw’s affiliates also offer job placement services for students.

InfiLaw administers non-academic functions, provides support for academic programs and assesses institutional performance and outcomes for its American Bar Association-approved schools, according to its website.

Since 2006, the Charleston School of Law has awarded 1,349 law degrees. The school received full accreditation from the American Bar Association in 2011.

In 2012, 631 students attended the school. It will welcome its 10th class of students next month.

“This alliance gives Charleston School of Law a strong succession path and access to pioneering programs and tools that will help it continue to provide students with excellence in teaching, strong faculty relationships, as well as opportunities for public service and community involvement,” according to a statement.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the number of total graduates from the Charleston School of Law. The correct number appears above.

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Added: 26 Jul 2013

This is a terrible idea. InfiLaw is aligned with three worst law schools in the country, which are all known as diploma mills.

Jayne Dee

Added: 30 Jul 2013

Is there any chance the College of Charleston or the state will come in and save the day? There is a market for a small law school here in Charleston. If that were to become part of Charleston's bigger educational picture, it would fast track CofC to the national stage. I'd like to see this become a non-profit school.