Summerville finance manager pleads guilty to wire fraud

Staff report
Published July 18, 2013

A former Summerville finance manager pleaded guilty Wednesday to embezzling more than $600,000 from her employer, according to federal court filings.

Kay Infinger Day was the manager of finance and administration for Lauscha Fiber International in Summerville; and from 2005 through 2011, Day embezzled money from the company, according to an indictment filed in November.

Day created bogus expenses for Lauscha Fiber and fake reimbursements for those expenses in the company’s accounting system. She then wired payments for the expenses from Lauscha Fiber’s bank account to her personal accounts, according to the indictment, which charged her with five counts of wire fraud.

In the indictment, prosecutors included evidence of five transfers from Lauscha Fiber’s accounts to Day’s two personal accounts. Three of the transfers happened in 2010 and totaled $24,000. Prosecutors also tagged two transfers from 2011 that totaled nearly $13,000.

In November, Day pleaded not guilty to the charges but changed her plea this week. A date for sentencing has not been set.

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