North Charleston to receive more Boeing IT workers

By Matt Tomsic
Published March 26, 2013

The Boeing Co. is reshuffling some of its IT workforce to North Charleston, and the aerospace giant is leasing 32,000 square feet of office space to house them.

“We’re in the process of evolving how we support all different areas of Boeing,” said Andrew Favreau, spokesman for Boeing IT communications. “We do have IT employees in Charleston right now, but we will be relocating and also hiring employees to support the different centers of excellence.”

Favreau said the company is opening more than 50 centers between its locations in Puget Sound, St. Louis and Charleston.

About 50% of the company’s IT work will be moved to those centers, while the remaining half will be located with business partners and external customers, Favreau said.

The company announced the changes to employees on Thursday and isn’t sure the number of employees who will be relocated to or hired in North Charleston.

“The specialization of each center will dictate the type of work that’s done there,” Favreau said, adding the department employees about 7,900. “We do anticipate a net reduction of about 5 to 10% of our IT employees in the next few years. And that number includes attrition (and) retirements.”

Favreau confirmed that Boeing signed a lease at 3875 Faber Place in North Charleston. Candy Eslinger, a spokeswoman for Boeing, said the company is occupying part of the office building and had leased the space years ago before moving into the final assembly facility. Boeing didn’t hold the lease after leaving the office space, though.

“It is a building that we have occupied before,” Favreau said. “At this point we signed the lease with the intention that IT would move in.”

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