Charleston photo of Ridiculously Photogenic Guy hits top 10 list

By Andy Owens
Published Jan. 2, 2013

Charleston ended a year’s worth of being recognized for mostly just being Charleston when search giant Yahoo posted its list of most searched things in 2012.

For the most viral photos of the year, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Zeddie Watkins Little, came in at No. 10. While running the Cooper River Bridge Run last year, Little was snapped looking extremely photogenic by photographer Will King.

The photo went viral after being posted on King’s Flickr account and other social media. Little and King ended up on Good Morning America talking about how one photo taken in Charleston became a Web craze. At one point, more than 59 million results came up for the phrase “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy,” according to Good Morning America.

Earlier in December, Time magazine’s website named King’s photo of Little as the No. 9 Internet Meme of 2012.

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