Israeli biotech company looks to open S.C. development center

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Published Dec. 18, 2012

After a delegation of S.C. leaders visited Israel this month to promote the state and encourage collaboration, one Israeli company received financing from a Charleston business and plans to open a development center in the area.

NeuroQuest announced $500,000 in financing from Charleston-based The InterTech Group and the Maryland/Israel Trendlines Fund. The company also is engaged in discussions with the South Carolina Research Authority about a grant to open a U.S. development center in Charleston as the base of its clinical and regulatory work.

NeuroQuest is a portfolio company of the Trendlines Group’s Misgav Venture Accelerator. The company is working toward a validation trial for a product to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Jacobo Mintzer, co-director of Alzheimer’s research and clinical programs at the Medical University of South Carolina, has joined NeuroQuest as the vice president of clinical affairs. Mintzer participated in the first state delegation last year.

Jonathan Zucker, president of The InterTech Group, led the 2012 delegation. The InterTech Group has provided the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Southeast region with annual grants to organize the collaboration between the two groups.

“This trip was our opportunity to build on the success of our first mission and to land some significant companies and partnerships that will benefit our state and create jobs here,” Zucker said.

The delegation, which included business, university and economic leaders from South Carolina, spent a week in Israel and conducted more than 100 meetings promoting the Palmetto State.

The group visited Israel’s major research universities, met with government officials and gave presentations on why South Carolina would be the right place for their investments.

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