CEO of Realtors’ association to retire

By Lauren Ratcliffe
Published Nov. 7, 2012

After leading the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors for more than a quarter of a century, Terry Hyde Ketchem will retire in the spring.

Ketchem served as CEO of the association for 26 years and has grown the organization’s prominence in the community. During her tenure, she managed a staff of 13 employees and oversaw the association’s $4 million budget.

In 1987, Ketchem created the CTAR Real Estate School to help educate real estate agents represented by the organization.

“I wanted to ensure that Charleston-area Realtors had access to the best training from the most experienced instructors,” she said. “Education is a key component in the development of a successful Realtor and I wanted to make sure our members were being well served.”

Today, the school educates more than 5,000 students annually.

Ketchem led the organization as technology changed the way listings were organized, searched and displayed. She also represented Lowcountry Realtors in the legislative arena, fighting for lower property taxes and pro-business policies.

“One of the most crucial services we can provide on behalf of our members is to defend their rights as business owners in the legislative arena,” Ketchem said. “Real estate is one of the most tightly regulated industries, and while there are beneficial aspects of regulation, we must remain vigilant that our member’s ability to do business is not impeded by unnecessary restriction and legislation.”

A search committee has been established to find Ketchem’s replacement. Ketchem said she is not worried about the future of the organization.

“We have an excellent staff, which is dedicated to providing our members with the best services, resources and programs available,” she said. “Our leadership team has never been stronger — we have the perfect mix of veteran Realtors who have seen this industry through the good and the bad, and a group of young Realtors with fresh ideas, ready to bring our association and MLS (Multiple Listing Service) into the future.”

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