PeopleMatter unveils new platform for service industry

By Matt Tomsic
Published Feb. 28, 2012

Nate DaPore, Kay Lucas and Ken Haigh manned an iPhone, Droid and iMac, respectively, Tuesday, checking their work schedules, trading shifts, requesting time off and demonstrating PeopleMatter’s new product: Schedule.

Nate DaPore
Nate DaPore, CEO of PeopleMatter, launched a new platform for the service industry called Schedule on Tuesday. (Photo/Leslie Burden)
PeopleMatter launched Schedule on Tuesday at the Sottile Theatre. DaPore, the company’s CEO, walked employees and analysts through the Web-based program while a huge screen backed him to his left, and a talk-show-set with three armchairs were behind him to his right.

DaPore gave updates for Hire and Learn — two products that help service industry employers hire, retain and train employees — before unveiling Schedule with Lucas, the vice president of product management, and Haigh, the chief operating officer.

DaPore said Schedule has four main features: Forecast, Build, Share and Control.

Forecast gathers customer counts and sales data to predict a business’ staffing needs at particular times. DaPore said it translates demand data into employee counts.

Build helps managers create schedules, and the component allows them to create a schedule from scratch, to “smart copy” a schedule from earlier dates or to create a “smart schedule,” which takes built-in rules, like child labor laws, and built-in preferences, like an employee’s preferred work days from Hire’s application process, to assign shifts.

The third component, Share, allows employees to access their schedules on the go. PeopleMatter released iPhone and Droid apps so employees can receive their schedules, request time off, swap shifts and more on their phones. For employees without smartphones, PeopleMatter created “D,” an automated call-in service that responds to voice questions — like Apple’s voice-activated assistant Siri on the iPhone — about shifts, holidays, time off and more.

The fourth component is Control, which integrates an employee’s clock-in and clock-out times and his or her attendance. Control allows managers to monitor and correct over-staffing or under-staffing. If a business needs to let an employee clock out early, the system helps decide who should be cut.

The launch is the company’s third platform, and it follows Hire’s 2010 launch and Learn’s 2011 launch. It also came days after PeopleMatter announced a $14 million round of investment from Morgenthaler, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

DaPore said the investment will help PeopleMatter accelerate the next generation of its products.

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