Lowcountry Biz Boil for Jan. 31, 2011

Nothing says news like corn and shrimps!
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Cupcake founder Kristin Kuhlke Cobb makes a mean baked good.Cupcakes on wheels
Remember the sound of the ice cream truck tooling around your neighborhood like the pied piper of cool goodness as you begged your parents for spare change before it got too far down the street?

This is better.

Cupcake, the Charleston-based gourmet cupcake maker, is going to start rolling around town and making deliveries on demand or ... wait for it ... giving away those spongy, cakey, icing-laden masterpieces just because.

With a stated mission of “Delivering Happiness to area homes and businesses,” the Cupcake Mobile will roll out by mid-February, making cupcake deliveries in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant areas. For $8 and the purchase of a minimum dozen cupcakes, you can have a visit from the decked-out delivery truck.

But on Cupcake’s popular Power Hours, which are announced on Facebook and Twitter, you can track down the Cupcake Mobile’s exact location for a freebie. Also look for the mobile cupcake delivery vehicle at local events and at birthday parties.

We'll take some of this happiness delivered right to our office.Cupcake has three stores in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Columbia and is branching out to the Upstate with a sweet factory called The Chocolate Moose.

When the Cupcake Mobile starts rolling past offices, we’re fully expecting to see suited professionals running into the streets with arms flailing and a trail of dollar bills flying behind them as they drop briefcases, cell phones and responsibilities for that moment of sweet ecstasy.

Yeah, they’re that good.

When "Bad dog!" = "Good dog!" The best bad dog around
We’re not sure if we should feel happy for Cannon or pity him.

Area residents voted the 5-year-old black lab the Naughtiest Dog in the Lowcountry for 2011.

We’re sure all the other dogs in the neighborhood are either giving him high-fives or looking down on him with their cool, wet noses. (The poodle on the corner, she isn’t at all surprised that he won. hmph! tsk!)

Bark Busters of Charleston found Cannon by inviting viewers and Facebook fans to submit stories and pictures of their naughty dogs to Bark Busters Home Dog Training through Channel 4’s Lowcountry Live morning show.

Finalists were chosen by Bark Busters, and the winner was selected by Facebook fans.

“This is an opportunity for us to help the public understand that any dog, with any problem or at any age can be trained — even the Lowcountry’s naughtiest dog,” said Bark Busters owner Michelle Rodriguez.

And what did Cannon win? A gigantic bone? A new fluffy dog bed? A date with the poodle on the corner?

Nope ... he won free dog training. Whoopee! Ok, so the prize is probably more for his owner, Warren Adair.

Hey, Cannon, it’s better than being neutered, dude. So go into rehab, be nice and maybe you’ll lose next year.

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Early R. Ashley Early has joined The Winkler Group’s senior consulting team. His career, which spans more than 20 years, includes professional fundraising, law and nonprofit leadership. He is recognized for his understanding of and specialization in taxation, wills and trusts. Having raised more than $300 million in investable assets, Early was named one of Bank of America’s Top 50 Private Bankers for his work in charitable planning and investment advice with high-net-worth clients.

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