Graham says he’s ready to make a deal on climate change legislation

By Mike Fitts
Published Jan. 6, 2010

Sen. Lindsey Graham is ready to be the 60th Senate vote to get the climate change and energy bill passed, he told a Midlands audience Tuesday at Harbison State Forest.

“Since they’ve got no Republicans but me, business is open,” Graham said.

Graham-080106-18270- 0035 Graham has been criticized by his own party for pursuing bipartisan resolutions on such issues as illegal immigration and possible filibusters of judicial nominees. And he believes that the cap-and-trade bills being debated this year are another occasion to do so, he told the audience at a forestry conference hosted by the S.C. Wildlife Federation.

He said he has worked with Democrats, including Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to craft a bill he can support.

Graham pointed to the health care legislation currently in Congress as an example of poor ideas that can thrive when just one party runs the legislative process. Doing the same thing on climate bills would be “a dead-end road,” Graham said.

Obstruction is not an option, Graham said, because, if a bill is not passed, President Barack Obama can instruct the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate carbon as a pollutant.

Better that Congress craft a compromise than Obama’s White House write the new rules alone, Graham said.

Graham said he believes that Earth is warming considerably and that increased carbon emissions can’t be good for the climate. A good climate bill will improve the environment and increase energy security, he said.

“You don’t have to agree with Al Gore to get where I’m at,” he said.

Graham wants to see measures in the bill that make it easier for the nuclear power industry to expand in the United States, and he pointed to South Carolina’s considerable assets in the sector. France gets the majority of its power from nuclear, Graham noted.

“Surely we can be as bold as the French,” he said.

He also said any energy and climate bill he would support must have approval for more domestic drilling rights for oil and natural gas. That would be politically palatable in the Senate, Graham said, and could provide a new revenue stream for states that might have considerable offshore deposits, such as South Carolina.

The bill also should have measures to protect from utility price spikes and could be curtailed if emerging economic powers such as China and India do not strive to curb emissions, he said.

The state has considerable energy assets that would benefit from a good piece of energy and climate legislation, Graham said. He noted General Electric’s wind turbine manufacturing in the Upstate and the biomass potential of the Interstate 95 corridor.

The United States has to grasp this opportunity for energy leadership, Graham said.

“If we fail on climate change and energy, where will our new jobs come from to pay our Social Security and Medicare bills?” he asked.

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Added: 6 Jan 2010

I thank Sen. Graham for taking a position that helps our country begin to lessen our dependance on energy imported from foreign countries that are hostile to the USA. While some political leaders are quick to issue sound bites that play well to their political base, Sen. Graham has shone the ability to be a true leader with a carefully considered position in climate change- or more to the point- in energy independence-that is good for this State and America.

Patterson Smith

Added: 7 Jan 2010

without a doubt this man is clueless. global warming NO; climate change YES. i think it's clear now by all standards global warming is; was and forever will be a hoax. on the other hand climate has always changed. it's cyclical and always has been. this is what we call common sense. climate change is NOT man made; it's God made. get it? the clueless Graham must be an embarrasment and has to be replaced with a no nonsense conservative. follow the money.........

d. propper

Added: 7 Jan 2010

What a moron! Want revenue? Get rid of the pork projects! IS GE paying for his vote? How can this RINO say we are having Global Warming when we've got the worst cold spell in decades??? Clearly, he needs to GO!


Added: 7 Jan 2010

This will be you LAST TERM


Added: 7 Jan 2010

Best solution is to let the EPA regulate CO2 then it will get back into the federal courts system and they can overturn this endangerment finding that the clean air act was never intended to legislate. All the facts will also have an opportunity to be aired including the Climategate scandal. As a taxpayer I have already assumed enough financial burden with bank bailouts, car bailouts, and the american investment and recovery act. Add the bogus health care and now throw a Carbon Tax, I have had enough.


Added: 7 Jan 2010

Gooofy Graham must have missed all the news lately about the flase data concerning global warming. He is an idiot! The people of SC need to get rid of this fool.

David Allen

Added: 7 Jan 2010

Not one nickle to the RNC until they purge it's membership of the likes the above clown. The ball is in the RNC's court, either they do it or the grassroots will do it for them. Listening Mr.Steele????


Added: 7 Jan 2010

In likes of Senator Lindsey Graham we see the impotence and ultimate demise of the Republican Party. The "throw away line" that he is uncomfortable with global warming and therefore is willing to sign a cap and trade bill, insults the common intelligence of Americans. He has not, as he suggests, distinguished himself from Al Gore. On the contrary, he is an Al Gore clone. The real question is why he is a Republican, and what must be done to drive him from the Party. The theory of global warming has been thoroughly impeached not only by the fraud and self dealing of those who claim to be objective scientists but as well, by over thirty thousand scientists, many of them nobel prize winners, whose peer reviewed research lays bare the swindle that is global warming and now, as the heat increases on those selling the theory, "Climate change. In other words, the majority of scientists do not ascribe global warming to human activity. The "Hockey Stick" graph upon which Gore and the UN rest their proof of global warming, has been thoroughly impeached. In fact, the hockey stick was contrived so as to suppress the fact of a medieval global warming that far exceeds that we experienced before the beginning of this decade. Finally, the computer programs, upon which this theory is pitched, predicted an inexorable rise in global warming for the next several decades.Has Mr. Lindsey not taken a walk outside? Has he not looked at a national weather forecast for the last ten years? If the Republicans are going to return to power they must get rid of corrupt politicians like Lindsey. "Crossing the Aisle" is not a virtue, it is a euphemism for political prostitution. Senator Lindsey's statement that he is "open for business" may, in fact, be a freudian slip. Crossing the Aisle, is a strategy that is destroying this country. Republicans embraced this strategy for eight years.By doing so, they have given Americans a Democrat, President, Congress and Senate. By their own hand they have rendered themselves nearly impotent. If you want to know why we are here, take a gook look at Senator Lindsey Graham. He is not, however, done with us yet. Robert


Added: 7 Jan 2010

Finally, a sensible response from a Republican. Now, if only McCain, or some other additional Republican leader who has previously spoken out about climate change would come forward and make some reasonable proposals.


Added: 7 Jan 2010

Lindsay Graham makes all southern men look stupid. He needs to go.


Added: 7 Jan 2010



Added: 7 Jan 2010

this is why you must get rid of this rino in the next election or stage a recall.he will always join the national socialist demoRATS who are trying to destroy american capitalism and our can he believe in the glow bull worming hoax and join obama and his gang of commies in this job killing bill.co2 is not a pollutant it is necessary for life and we don't have too much we have too little.we are not in a warming a trend we are cooling and the hoaxers have tried to cover that up but you can find it on satellite data.gramnesty is a fool who needs to be removed from office before he does any more damage to america by joining the enemies of freedom.


Added: 8 Jan 2010

But for his position in the US Senate, no one would be asking Lindsey Graham for his positions on climate change or anything. He would be a mediocre attorney back in Pickens County. By collaborating with democrats on climate change and green energy, Graham sees himself as a great compromiser, a position that garantees him face-time in the major media. That he knows nothing about climae change or the economics of green energy is of no concern to Graham. He craves the face-time. Travis


Added: 8 Jan 2010

When is this guy going to fade of into the sunset and retire. This is just obnoxious for anyone, especially a so-called Republican, to even consider voting for this idiotic bill. Juke science, the worst winter in recent memory and no evidence to support anything really relating to global warming and we should pass a bill that's going to box us in. I think the folks in South Carolina should wake up and give this guy the boot, tar and feathers or something. It's pathetic for anyone to think that killing jobs is a good idea especially when the unemployment rate is already at 10%.