More than $84 million in stimulus funds going to S.C. military facilities

By Andy Owens
Published May 26, 2009

At least two local construction companies are seeing work from the federal stimulus money, as more than $84 million is flowing through South Carolina’s military installations.

Engineering and planning firm Stantec and MW Clearing and Grading Inc. have both been hired to do work at the Charleston Air Force Base. The Air Force base is set to receive $8.11 million from federal stimulus money.

All military installations in the Lowcountry — including the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island, Naval Weapons Station and National Guard armories — are set to receive more than $21 million in infrastructure contracts.

A detailed breakdown of military projects across the state shows that South Carolina’s military installations will receive $84.67 million. A lot of that work will be going to companies that have worked with the military bases and Department of Defense in the past, but contracting officials at Charleston Air Force Base say much of the work will be handled by subcontractors.

MW Clearing and Grading will be using a crew of about four people from its staff and at least two local subcontractors, which could employ dozens of people from local construction companies. Project manager Massey Yannitelli said all of the supplies for the work will be purchased in the Charleston area.

“We’ll be using all local,” he said. “It all trickles down, so we’ll be purchasing asphalt and concrete locally and everything.”

Statewide, Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter is receiving the most money, at $35.82 million, and Fort Jackson in Columbia is receiving $22.82 million, second-most. Parris Island, home to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, is third, with $10.03 million.

The work will employ all types of contractors and construction companies, including electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, paving, fencing, roofing, termite repair, high-tech security fencing, HVAC control systems and repair, lighting and painting companies.

“It’s wonderful to see the federal stimulus money truly being used to put local business to work,” said Jerry Regenbogen, a principal in Stantec’s North Charleston office. “Our office is very close to the base, and we offer many of the services these projects need, so it was a perfect fit for us.”

See chart for a complete listing of projects in South Carolina. To review stimulus-related projects in every state, click here.

For a complete story about construction project and military installations, see the May 25 issue of the Charleston Regional Business Journal.

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