Sanford’s Sullivan’s Island home for sale

2905761_3983941By Molly Parker
Published March 16, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford has listed his Sullivan’s Island home for sale for $3.5 million.

The governor is looking to sell the oceanfront home and move into a “simpler” place on the island, spokesman Joel Sawyer said.

The 4,474-square-foot home has six bedrooms and five bathrooms. It was constructed in 1957. The Sanfords purchased the home in 1997.

2905761_1972130Sanford and his wife, Jenny, have four sons, one of whom is headed to college next year and another who is not far behind, Sawyer said.

Sanford, who is serving his second term in office, was elected to the position in 2002.

The home at 1725 Atlantic Ave. has been on the market for a couple of weeks and includes a vacation license.

The listing agent for the house is Tim Reese of Carriage Properties.

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Added: 16 Mar 2009

Too bad Mark Sanford can't relate to the "regular" people that have resonable mortgages, car payments, and other bills to pay. No wonder he doesn't care if the state gets the stimulus money-he doesn't need it. Move to a smaller house on Sullivan's Island? Boohoo

Kathy Spear

Added: 16 Mar 2009

Follow what Sanford does... not what he says. The fact that he is selling his primary residence is very indicative of his true intentions. He's bugging out, big time.


Added: 16 Mar 2009

Mark, Why don't you move into Mount Pleasant and live near me...I would be honored to have such a Patriot in my neighborhood! Keep up the good work and don't let the "you know what's" get you down. There are many of us who love you and respect what you do for us!


Added: 17 Mar 2009

Just because a man has wealth does not mean he's evil. So he's downsizing - what's the big deal. We would all be better off if there were more politicians/people like Sanford.


Added: 17 Mar 2009

Are you kidding me! How does anybody born into wealth hae any idea what it is to work and pay bills. Most of the South Carolians, I know live week to week on there pay checks. We would all love to downsize from a 3.5 million house

George Eberhardt

Added: 19 Mar 2009

Julie and Barbara .. you ladies live in fantasy-land, like our asteemed, out-of-touch third-worst governor in the US (really should be #1 behind Spitzer)! Why don't ya'll move out to Dallas w/ George and Laura ?? Kathy and anonymous, you can hang w/ me & Oscar anytime !

Felix Unger

Added: 21 Mar 2009

to all of the people that think working hard and getting nice things are evil!! stop the class war fare!! he is just downsizing to the ones that have "all these bills" maybe if you stop spending borrowed money you can have a nicer home instead of cars that go down in value! i work hard and have achieved some success and employee people this is sad to here class war fare like now!!


Added: 24 Jun 2009

I guess they were already starting to liquidate the assets for the divorce.


Added: 25 Jun 2009

got that right Phyllis lol I imagine his wife Jenny has been packing for months :O)


Added: 26 Jun 2009

Sure, class warfare in that if you employ people you live off their work. The "employees" get such a low income that they have to become people called "trash." When these "employees" retire they go down to below welfare money and cant even live like 'trash" anymore. Sure, class warfare you unempathetic and survival of the fittest moron.

Jack Brogan