Charleston School of Law moves up in bar exam pass rate with 2nd graduating class

By Ashley Fletcher Frampton

The Charleston School of Law’s pass rate for the S.C. bar exam increased to 77% this year, up from 70% last year, according to school officials.

Results of this year’s July exam were announced Friday by the S.C. Supreme Court. This is the second year that graduates of the Charleston School of Law sat for the professional exam. The school opened in 2004.

Andy Abrams

“We are absolutely delighted at the kind of progress we’ve made in such a short period of time,” said dean Andy Abrams. “We felt the first bar pass rate of our first graduating class was certainly a good and commendable rate. But we are delighted at the rate, which we see out of this group of students.”

The pass rate reported Friday by the Supreme Court for the Charleston School of Law is 72%, or 109 out of 151 test takers. But Abrams said law schools typically focus on pass rates among first-time test takers, and the state-reported figures include repeat test-takers.

The University of South Carolina’s overall bar exam pass rate this year was 86%, according to the state figures. Officials at the school could not be reached Monday morning for pass rates among first-time test takers.

Abrams said the Charleston School of Law offers a spring semester course to help students prepare for the July exam.

Abrams said the course, along with students’ motivation, seems to be working to boost the school’s pass rate.

Among everyone who took the July S.C. bar exam, including those from out-of-state law schools, the pass rate was 78%.

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